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Scot Martin Comments on Police Mistaken Arrest For 8 News Now

Scot Martin assisted an 8 News Now I-Team investigation by commenting on a mistaken arrest case. Shane Lee Brown spent 6 days in jail on a mistaken identity arrest. Mr. Brown, who is black, was mistaken for a white man named Shane Brown who had an outstanding felony warrant. The arrest occurred after a traffic stop.

8 News Now contacted Scot Martin for comment based on his over-two decades of law enforcement experience and his familiarity with procedure on traffic stops and police investigations.

The I-Team showed the body camera videos to retired Nevada State Police Capt. Scot Martin, who worked in the agency’s internal affairs unit.

“In my opinion, I’m not sure how that warrant comes back tied to this young man here,” Martin told the I-Team’s David Charns. “He’s very confused.”

“Isn’t it on them rather than on him?” Charns asked Martin.

“It’s been my experience and it’s my opinion that an investigation out on the scene has to take place to be able to be 100% sure,” Martin said.

The wrong Shane Brown continued to plead with police to double-check his identity, knowing he is not the Shane Brown wanted on the weapons charge.

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