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Infidelity Investigations/ Surveillance

Infidelity Investigations Surveillance

Discover the Truth About Your Spouse

If you are concerned about your spouse’s fidelity, employing a private investigator and finding out the truth can put your mind at ease. Put our skills and highly effective surveillance tactics to good use. We will help to shed light on all your spouse’s whereabouts, whether they prove or disprove your suspicions. Our team will gather evidence and more importantly will give you the answers you need.

Adultery takes many different forms and can happen in a variety of settings. At Tracer Investigations, we look into your spouse’s routine and out-of-routine activities to uncover the truth about your spouse’s fidelity. This may include watching them at work, while working out at the gym, through social media, on work-related trips, and even in church. While the majority of affairs we uncover are sexual in nature, there are many different types of affairs that can take your spouse away. These include affairs with individuals over digital forums, being so emotionally involved with someone else they become emotionally unavailable to you, and then in some extreme cases individuals are running a double life and have a completely separate family. In any of these instances it is only fair to both of the people in the relationship to know the full scope of what is happening with the other person.

Tracer Investigations uses a variety of tactics to determine your spouses fidelity

  • Checking Phone Activities
  • Aligning A Timeline
  • Scrutinizing Social Media Posts & Comments
  • Tailing & Following Them
  • Tracking Their Vehicle
  • Installing A Hidden Camera
  • Verifying Their Activities Away From Home
  • Reviewing Financial Records & Credit Card Activities

Find out the truth about your spouse with an in-depth investigation into your spouse’s activities.