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Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Uncovering Insurance Fraud

Private insurance companies hire investigation and surveillance experts like Tracer Investigations to investigate claims, especially claims that are suspected to be fraudulent. Our team of professional and highly skilled investigators obtains evidence through a variety of surveillance methods.


Monitoring the various activities of an individual with an insurance claim could include following at a safe distance, the use of photography or videography to capture the individual’s activities that may be contradictory to what has been reported in a claim. An example is a claimant, supposed to be severely injured, publicly exercising in a way that they claim they cannot do.

Social Media

Looking into individuals’ posts on social media can help to shed light on the true severity of an individual’s personal situation. In terms of theft, a person may be seen with the items that were allegedly stolen. In the case of injury claims, an individual may show a capability they claim they no longer have.

Previous Claims

Digging into a person’s past claims can shed light onto a current claim and it’s legitimacy. Individuals with a history of similar claims with similar injuries and circumstances can show a relevant pattern that is important to investigate.

Insurance claim volumes continue to grow in areas like worker’s compensation, accident/injury, and theft. Having a private investigator, like the ones at Tracer Investigations, take a deeper dive into the circumstances surrounding a claim as well as the individuals named in a claim can help to guarantee the legitimacy of an insurance claim.

Before paying an insurance claim, be sure you’re performing your due diligence with Tracer Investigations.