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Traffic Accident Investigations

Traffic Accident Investigations

Private Investigations after a Traffic Accident

It is common for insurance companies to hire private investigators after a traffic accident to prevent fraud. At Tracer Investigations, we work with insurance agencies to insight into accidents that are part of an insurance claim. It is our goal to verify the validity of claims and understand if a claimant is overstating their injuries or attempting to inflating their claim.

We operate under the premise that excessive claims are worthy of a stringent review. Our team employs all the necessary tactics to uncover the truth including observation, photography, and videography in public settings and outdoors. Our goal is to gather the information that enables the legal team to present the case in the right light, and ensure that a proper claim is awarded. The traffic accident investigation will focus on learning as much about your daily activities and background to reduce the chances that there is an exaggeration of symptoms or outright fraud.

Our investigators are skilled in traffic accident investigations. Let our investigators investigate the cause of your accident. We seek to review all witness statements, police reports and evidence to ensure a proper accounting of the accident is complete and the root causes are determined in the police investigation.

Some of the step Tracer Investigations may take include:

  • Reviewing accident reports
  • Looking at social media profiles
  • Examination of public records
  • Talk to witnesses
  • Search criminal records

If you have a concern about an accident claim, contact Tracer Investigations today.